Totteridge Millhillians Cricket Club Family Member squad

John (Bill) Banks

HONORARY SECRETARY until 11/2016 - Qualified DBS Umpire.

ex OMCC played 1975 to 2000 and then umpired for OMCC on a regular basis until 2004 resumed with TMCC 2010.

Tim Corbett
tim (and wife robin) corbett. Social members.  Past playing member of OMs as teacher at Mill Hill School and Hon Secretary of the main OM Club.
Mark Dearing
+ 2 sons
Nicholas Dulcken
Name of spouse Julie Dulcken
Names of children
Patrick Flatley
Carmel Flatley

Olivia Flatley - 25
Justine Flatley - 24
Keith Hill
Wife Helen
Alan Leslie
Wife Hayley, Son James
Julie Loebell

I play for the Ladies team and my sons George and James play with the Colts.

George and James part of Family membership



Susan McCarron

Family membership with Tim McCarron + two children

Victoria aged 16

Charlotte aged 14


Timothy McCarrron


Victoria aged 16

Charlotte aged 14

Matthew Pead
Partner Jenny Forbes
Philip Ridout
Jaw crunching opening bat

Trying desperatately to have the slowing strike rate in the club. So far I think I am doing quite well.

Oh my gosh 15 runs in 13 balls has not helped though.....
Ivan & Merryl Rogove



Joe - 16
Louis - 14
Millie - 11
Joe - 16
Louis - 14
Millie - 11
Bob Rudd
Family member - Wife Linda
Linda Rudd

Family member

Husband Bob
Susan Rushton
Family member with John Banks and daughter Anna
Maria Sheehan
Family member with Paul Sheehan  
Names of children and ages
Henry Sheehan 11
Paul Sheehan
Name of spouse or partner Maria Sheehan
Names of children and ages
Henry Sheehan 11
Dave Tatlor
Wife - Jo
Josh Walsh
Family with wife Nicki
Nicki Walsh
Family with Josh Walsh
Keith Yearley
2014 Chairman
2013 Deputy Chairman
2002 - 2007 Treasurer