Totteridge Millhillians Cricket Club Life Honorary Member squad

Duncan Bateman
Former Club President. Life Honorary Member.
Mrs Pat Blyth
Life Honorary Member
Mrs Patricia Book
Life Honorary Member.
Robbie Book
Past Chairman of TCC and first President of TMCC. Used to spin a bit from the Coppice End and bat up the order when captain. Life Honorary Member.
Director of Club Cricket Conference Ltd and The Club Cricket Charity
Bob Chandler
Umpire for 3rd XI
Laurie Goldsmith
Life Member former President
Elizabeth Harley
1st XI Scorer
Honorary Life Member
Patrick Healy
Life Member
Philip Ridout
Jaw crunching opening bat

Trying desperatately to have the slowing strike rate in the club. So far I think I am doing quite well.

Oh my gosh 15 runs in 13 balls has not helped though.....
Nick Staton