Clubmark is the universally acknowledged sports accreditation scheme for community sports clubs. It is based on evidence based criteria. Clubmark focuses on 4 key areas:-  

  • Activity/playing programmes - this includes, for example, coaching qualifications required, insurance and coach to participant ratios

  • Duty of care and welfare - appropriate risk assessments, health and safety policies, training, compliance and child protection policies

  • Knowing your club and its community - this ensures that your club is committed to fairness and equity in respect of the way in seeks to attract and retain members from your local community

  • Club management - which covers issues to do with club and committee structures and the general running of the organisation

Totteridge Millhillians Cricket Club (TMCC) has successfully gone through this accreditation process.

The following information and links are provided as evidence of TMCC's continuing commitment to Clubmark and compliance with Clubmark requirements.

Safe Hands - TMCC have adopted the Safe Hands policy and comply with its requirements - Link

Safe Hands - TMCC have specifically adopted Safe Hands in to our constitution - Link

Club Welfare Officer (CWO)certificate - TMCC's Club Welfare Officer's current workshop certification is displayed on the club notice board and is available here - Missing link

CWO reporting -  The current working practice is for the CWO to report to the committee. This has not been incorporated into the constitution. The committee have resolved to define the reporting route of the CWO to the committee at the next AGM.

ECB Coaches Code of Conduct  - This is displayed on the club notice board and is available here -  Link

Code of Conduct for Cricket Club Members and Guests - This is displayed on the club notice board and is available here - Link

Junior membership form - Including the Code of Conduct for Cricket Club Members and Guests - Link

Vetting checks - TMCC have adopted the ECB criteria for which roles require vetting - Link

Non vetted posts - After risk assessment the club has chosen not to vet it bar, catering and cleaning staff

Current vetting  - TMCC maintains a current list of all individuals vetted to work with children on its main website - Link

Hospital/Doctors information - TMCC has displayed notices in the changing rooms, detailing the nearest hospital, telephone numbers of the hospital and emergency services and a summary of good practice. A copy is available here - Link

First aid - A cricket/sports specific first aid kit is available in the Pavilion

First aid reporting - TMCC have adopted ECB standard first aid incident reporting forms, these are available in the Pavilion. A copy is enclosed here - Link

Contact details for parents carers  - TMCC have a secure club database holding up to 3 contact details per young person. Coaches are provided with a physical copy of this for both away and home matches. Coaches also have online access. All printed registers have full contact detail information. No links are provided here as this is confidential information and its distribution is covered by Data Protection legislation.

Medical conditions - The TMCC contact details database contains detail on all notified medical conditions. This information is included on all printed contact details sheets and registration sheets and is available online. No links are provided here as this is confidential information and its distribution is covered by Data Protection legislation.

Telephone access - TMCC maintain a landline all year round (02084455331) and all coaches have mobile phones at home and away venues.

Qualified coaches - TMCC coaches are accredited by the ECB. A list of current accredited coaches is maintained on our website - Link

Non ECB registered coaches - It is TMCC's policy to minimise the use of non ECB coaching accredited club members and non UK resident coaches who are not ECB Coaches Association members. However, where such individuals are used, TMCC can confirm that they are covered by the provisions of our existing insurance policy. A copy of which can be found on our website - Link

Safety - TMCC take safety very seriously, ensuring that all coaching, competition and games take place in a safe environment, with appropriate safety equipment, including the provision and use of helmets, gloves, pads etc... Link01  Link02


Coaching oversight - TMCC's junior coaching programme is overseen by a qualified ECB Coaches - Link

Coaching programme for junior members  - TMCC run a regular structured training program, including both open sessions and elite invitation sessions - Link

Junior competitions - TMCC enter as many competitions as practical for all relevant age groups. TMCC website documents the continuing success of our Junior members through the season - Link01 Link02  Link03

Coaching ratios - TMCC adhere to the ECB coaching ratios - TMCC's website hold details on all current qualified coaches - Link

Inclusion and Diversity Policy - TMCC have adopted the ECB Club Inclusion and Diversity Policy. The committee have resolved to expressly imbed these in the next revision of the clubs constitution at the next AGM - Link

Code of conduct for young members - This is included in Junior members registration forms and is available on our website - Link  

Open constitution  - TMCC has an open (non-discriminatory) constitution, fully open membership to all of the community, including;  no proposer and seconder process for membership, Safe Hands policy adoption statement, ECB Club Inclusion and diversity policy adoption statement(March 2015), recognised disciplinary process for members and recognised dissolution procedure - Link

Junior memberships - TMCC recognises juniors as  individual members of the club - Link  

One Game Pledge - TMCC are fully committed to and have signed up to the One Game Pledge - Link

Insurance - TMCC have public liability of £5 million.  This includes cover for all junior coaching and match activity - Link

Employers liability insurance - Link

Communications - TMCC's club database has a built in email system that allows filters by numerous criteria including; colts; team etc...

Membership fees - TMCC offers lower membership prices for Ladies, Junior and Students and has a process for hardship where fees can be waived completely or for some seniors, waived in lieu of assistance - Link

Local schools - TMCC has strong relationships with the 2 most local primary schools, providing its pitch for numerous sporting events, additionally it provides free cricket coaching to 3 junior schools (Woodridge, St Johns and St Andrews) and has relationships with 2 senior schools (Mill Hill School and Mill Hill County High School).

Club Development Plan - TMCC completed the 2013/14 Club Development Plan in October 2013 - Missing link

Updated 05th March 2015